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First off, let me introduce myself. 
My name is Ginny.

Through Clairvoyance, psychic astrology, past life readings, and working with the Angel Oracle I am able, through the help of my Guides, to pass on messages to those who seek guidance on their path of self-discovery.

I am also an empath, dealing with Reiki.  Along with Reiki, I also use crystals, colors and candles to aid in healing.

One of the reasons I have set up this site is to help others not be fearful of the abilities they have been given.  Our Angels and Guides are there to help us through this journey.  The tools of astrology, tarot, and psychic readings all help to gain focus to hear messages sent to us from our Angels.

I have been given the ability of being a SEER.  The strongest memory I have of this was while I was growing up in New York was precognition. Looking back I see that I have always had the ability to settle those around me, creating harmony when turmoil runs rampart.

I say that I had a slow development in my awareness of what I am able to do.  For years I would know certain things, but was
also afraid of what I knew too, so I blocked it.  Thank goodness I DO have strong Guides who helped me past this!

Can I help you SEE your answers?  I do think there is a
strong possibility of this :)

There is never just one way to trigger an awareness within a person... BUT ...each step on our path seems to open more and more capabilities in each of us.

By doing a reading for you in any of the forms listed here, I believe I can be a help to trigger the next step on your path.

As you scroll through this site, you will find many links to special people and places that may be able to help too!!! 

I have many of my favorite links on here and special pages for some of my passions, animal spirits being one of them.  It Seems I walk with many and want to give special thanks for the strengths they send me.

There are also links to some super forums that hold classes on many of these.

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