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The Hermit

Numeric value : IX
Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Planet: Mercury


The stone of wisdom brings clarity to thought, calms the mind, and allows easier perception of your task in life.  As a meditation stone, it guides us to our inner being and brings new inspirations, as well as strength o faith and kindness.

Positive Aspects:  Mother, creativity, abundance, growth, fruitfulness, success, security, love marriage, children.  Unification of opposites.  New ideas and creative phases.  Authoritarian, friendly people.  Wisdom, self-knowledge, inspiration, acceptance of the circumstances, performance of duty, caution, repose.  Spiritual development.  Perceiving the essential.  Recognizing one's talents in peace and solitude.

Negative Aspect:  Stupidity, immaturity, mistakes, misanthropy, stubbornness, death, loss, futile attempts at making contact.