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Leaf Woman

She gathers her leaves on the
way to the stream
picking each carefully for
color and size

She puts them safely in her
carry bag.. knowing her way
without seeing the path

The darkness has settled
and all is quiet
as she treads lightly to the
spot by the tree

A huge towering maple
with bark that has seen wear
A comfortable friend to
share her prayers

She reaches the foot of this 
towering friend, 
She settles herself down by
the edge of the river
Opening her pouch to release
all her troubles

She talks to the tree and the 
Spirits around 
and with each leaf that finds
the water a string is unbound

The float and they waft 
downstream with a glow
taking her burdens to places

The carry bag is empty.. 
she stands to go home
A smile has come to her
lips there alone.

She says her farewells to
Spirits that have
been there to help
As these that are gone
were deep within
and friendly companions
gave her strength to let go.

The woman would return
the very next night and
send more downstream but
with a difference in sight

The prayers and the wishes
for the ones that she loves
That they realize their dreams
and feel the great love
those who reside in the stars
up above
©2000 Ginny Andorfer