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True Heart

The rhythm of the heart beats
ever strong
It keeps in time to the song
sent from those
we know who walk along

Regardless of what we think we know
of pain or joy and gladness
The beat of the heart knows the
truth and we can, in time,
see it in as clear as the sky above
With faith and trust
in in those we love

Lose hope and it will show 
you the way
To find it once again for another day

Feel it break and it sends out
a call to those
who know the true purpose of

Lose heart no more... the winds
sing through passing on these
messages for you 
Just lift an ear and the sound is clear

Take heart and feel the glow
of the rainbows around you
just waiting to show 
all that is within our reach
right where we are
not some future date
with faith and trust in the
ones above.
The heart beats true... take heed.