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A Mother's Breeze

The day has been long and very sad
The hurt is not deep but it is there
A son who turns away from love
A Father who hides in
his mind of fears

'Tis not my choice, i know this well
but it hurts my heart
for the joy they dispel.
Not my joy but theirs
to see and hear
the glory around them and know
that they can be here and now
To partake of the it all
and share what they feel.

They seem to have vanished 
to a spot that
is not here or there.
All i can do is send them love
and ask the Universe to
 shine from above
the lessons of love and knowledge too
so they know they
can be the best of their heart
and to let the old feelings of hurt and 
despair float out on the waves of the breezes
sent forward for them to hear.

©2000 Ginny Andorfer