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This one is from a special friend.  It is an Indian Legend, 
passed on to her from her Guide. 
I hope you enjoy it.

(As I did not get title of it, have given it best name I could 
come up with...a literary license?)

Young Brave and the Fox

   In my tribe moons ago there was a young brave that took an injured fox into his home. He loved it and cared for it and 
healed it from its wounds. 

   As it was no more than a pup he became all to it.  As it grew 
many became watchful and fearful as they felt sure it would 
steal from their bounty.

   But the brave never listened and gave the young pup the 
love of a mother/father .

   Many spoke and wanted this young fox sent away.    The 
wisest said bring me proof and it shall happen,  but this they 
did not have.  Their fear grew as did the pup and finally 
many tales were spun and the wisest then  had but no choice 
but to outcast the fox .

   The fox who now was strong and able, was scared and afraid
to go from the boy.    But the boy stroked his fur and said..... 

   "Do not fear if I fought for you and gained you more time, 
your life and the goodness within that I have installed in you,  would be in danger.    I have taught you all that I can.  I have
raised you in goodness and have given you all the knowledge 
that you need to go be with your fellow kind.   I weep at your leaving but, in my heart,  in my mind  you will be and you 
will always know the way back to my spirit and I you as I 
have breathed my life into you  and that makes us one."


©1999 Dovie's Nest