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Eagle Flight

There was a day that Eagle had been feeling alone and lost.  He had flown with his brothers and sisters the day before, but he was feeling empty and could not come up with the answer why.
He despaired of ever finding the reason as he wandered to and fro
and finally spotted a cliff that looked interesting, don't you know.
He perched on the edge of this huge boulder just eyeing the land below
The thought crossed his mind that maybe he would just tumble down there and let it all go.
Now this was not his normal state he always felt the glow
when he took to flight on winds that blow
and soared above all the troubles below.
But as of late he could not find that reason to take joy
So tumble he would and said just before... I cannot do this anymore.
Father Sky heard his sigh of despair and started the winds to blow.
As the Eagle stepped off the boulder  he bid his life farewell.
Much to his surprise, the winds caught hold of his feathers
The strength he felt  unsurpassed his thoughts and he started to feel the glow
What is this happening he wondered to which he heard a reply
"Come fly to the mountain tops my son and see the view below."
He knew not the voice but in his very soul he could feel the love being sent
So he opened his wings and let out a call... here I come, so let's see what is below
As he reached the top of the mountain he felt himself go higher
The light was blinding but it didn't matter He knew what the Wind was implying
His color did change from brown to White and he called out again
Thank you Creator for giving me flight let those know below
That the feathers I leave in their
hands will help all see the light.
©Ginny Andorfer 2000