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Says You'll Stay Well
When You Don't Always Have To Win.

Cassiel, which means "chosen by God", soars in heavenly 
realms as easily as he manifests as a homeless person on 
earth.  Cassiel acknowledges and salutes your winning, 
all-powerful personality.  He suggests, if you are having knee and joint problems in particular, that you take a few steps away from your life 
and try  to see yourself as clearly as possible.

Are you a workaholic?
Do you put work and your goals ahead of everything else?
The mind-body connection is essential.
Ask yourself whether your ego or pride may be causing you a 
variety of problems.  Are you too stubborn?  Are you being too 
(These are probably "yes" answers.)

Your affirmation is

"I am not afraid to change my mind and to see things
 from a different perspective.  I move ahead in my life
 with clarity and ease."