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Your Libran Angel
Says You'll Stay Well
When You Don't Always Try To Please.

Jehoel, who is also known as Jehuel, your Libran angel, is
considered the angel who is the chief of the order of the seraphim.
He is the heavenly choirmaster.  He acknowledges your polite,
diplomatic manners, by which you don't hesitate to bend over
 backward to please others.  Your fellow human beings unfailingly
find you charming and endearing.  This is fine, as long as it's not
at the expense of your health.  You might want to put yourself first
 from time to time!  Think of your own needs and your own joy.
Do you feel like you just don't quite measure up?
Do you worry about things that never happen?
Are you afraid to experience real joy because it may end?
These feelings may well contribute to anemia and other blood
problems.  Your angels want you to be happy and to enjoy your life!


Your affirmation is
"I'm not afraid to experience joy.  I am a child of God.
 God created me and wants me to be filled with the
 greatest happiness and fulfillment possible."