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Scorpion Angel
Says You'll Stay Well
When Secrets End And There's Honesty

Metatron, is believed to mean "One who sits closest to God".
He also records the deeds of the soul, and is considered to be one of the most powerful angels.  He acknowledges the Scorpion need for mystery and secrecy in virtually all dealings. 

The energy of Scorpio is deeply rooted in all matters metaphysical and mysterious.  The Scorpion nature prizes privacy more than any other sign.  Sometimes health problems arise with Scorpions when there is a pattern of being a "deep well" or a deeply private person.  Sometimes communication of feelings or emotions becomes difficult or impossible.  This can occur for a variety of reasons.  There might be an eruption of feelings, which can often manifest  as skin problems.  Relax, and don't carry sadness forward from  the past.  Let the dead issues that can't be changed be completely  left behind you.  Know that the past can no longer hurt you.
 Don't be afraid of new experiences that may cause you pain.

Know that there isn't anything that you can't deal with and rise above. 

Don't be afraid of new challenges and responsibilities.

Your affirmation is

"There isn't anything I can't handle.  I deserve and
welcome the best that the universe has to offer."