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Your Sagittarian Angel,
Says You'll Stay Well
When Healing Words Come From Your Lips.

Sachiel is a wonderful angel who is one of the primary forces in the order of angels known as cherubim.  He acknowledges the natural healing abilities and talents that are possessed by most Sagittarians.

He encourages you to verbally express your natural talents, to guide, help, and lift the spirits of others who are in need.

Sachiel feels that the health of many Sagittarians is contingent upon  their ability to express those healing abilities.  Many Sagittarians deal with the difficulties of arthritis, particularly  when it hits you in  the area of the hips and thighs, particularly if you are dealing with  excess weight in that area.  Many people experience arthritis and sciatica when they are feeling emotionally rejected and unloved.

They may also be dredging up bitterness and sadness from the past.

Your affirmation is

"I am living in the moment, listening carefully to that  still, small, loving voice within.  I have no time or patience for unworthy thoughts about sadness from my past.
 I am moving forward in my life with great joy."