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Your Aquarian Angel,
Says You'll Stay Well
When Your Nerves You Don't Rankle!

Uriel, means "fire of God".
This powerful angel has always been recognized as a cherub  who 
stands at the Gates of Eden with a fiery sword, protecting  his charges 
with thunder and bolts of lightening.

Uriel recognizes the Aquarian need for overextending yourself,  with 
the oft occurring result of jangles or rankled nerves.

You are everyone's counselor, best friend, brother or sister. When your nervous system is stressed out, many Aquarians find  that their legs are affected.  It may also contribute to the feeling of fear of the future, 
namely the way you "walk through life".
The mind body connection reigns supreme.

You affirmation is

"I walk fearlessly through life, recognizing which problems are mine and which ones are not.  I will do all that I can to help others, but I will be realistic in my expectations."