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Your Piscean Angel,
Says You'll Stay Well
When You Don't Take On Others' Woes.

Sandalphon, was known as Elijah before he became an angel.
According to Jewish tradition, Elijah, and later Sandalphon, was
 assigned the role of guardian angel to newborn children and 
young people who die early in life.  He is also known as a miracle
worker who quickly responds to human needs, especially healing 

Sandalphon recognizes your Piscean nature of compassion and
empathy, and sends the message to you that you should not 
be a sponge that absorbs the hurts, pains and misery of 
others.  Even though Pisceans are known as healers of the 
zodiac, recognize that your desire to help others may sometimes 
interfere with their learning some of life's important lessons.
If you've come to the point where you are experiencing the pain
of ulcers, it's time to ask yourself about the degree of your
 involvement in the problems of others.


Your affirmation is
"I have great control over my own life.  I cannot act
 like a sponge and absorb the problems of others.
 I am at peace.  I am tranquil and loving.
"I am a loving child of God.  I know that God loves me!"