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Aries Angel,
Says You'll Stay Well
When Some Words Are Left Unsaid.

Sariel, your special Aries healing angel, means "at God's command."
He is also responsible for the angels that violate God's sacred 
ordinances.  When called upon, he will always make his presence
 or interaction known in the most positive, helpful way.  Most Aries 
folks are so exuberant and quick to communicate in the most 
honest, forthright way.  Usually the words you express  haven't 
spent a long time being mulled over by your consciousness.
  You think it, you say it!

Usually that's a very healthy rule, unless it affects your personal 
relationships and takes its toll on your happiness.  At that point, 
your health can be affected.  What Sariel is telling you is that it 
might bring you greater happiness and health if you take a few 
moments to think before you speak.
Then you'll never have to apologize.

Remember, words, once spoken and heard, can never really be 
taken back.  Aries people are particularly prone to having 
headaches because they usually live at high tension levels.


Your affirmation is

"I know that all will be well in my world.
 I will let go and let God."