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Taurus Angel,
Says You'll Stay Well
When Your Worrying's In Check.

Anael, chief of the order of angels known as "principalities" and
one of the seven angels of the Creation, exercises dominion over
the planet Venus, which is the ruling planet of Taurus.  He is,
therefore, the ruler of all matters related to love, romance and
human sexuality.  When Taurean's aren't busy worrying about work,
money and goals, their attention usually centers around their
sensuality. Most Taurean people are so busy working, planning,
 plotting and scheming about how to be more successful, how to
make more money, and how to increase their financial security that
they often don't have much time to do more than worry about all
 of the above.  A true workaholic, much Taurean stress seems to
settle in the neck and throat.  Their worry patterns are often
 manifested in colds and the flu, which often start in the throat.


Your affirmation is

"I will not worry about money or security.
I know the universe will amply provide for me."