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Gemini Angel
Says You'll Stay Well
When You Let Your Nerves Rest.

Raphael, is known in heavenly realms as "the shining angel
who heals."  When he manifests, he may be seen with staff and
sandals, a water container, and a small wallet strapped over his
shoulder.  Don't necessarily look for wings or a halo!
Raphael acknowledges the nervous energy of Gemini folks and
 realizes that one of the most serious, most common problems that
Gemini's experience is insomnia.
Did you ever look at yourself or another Gemini?  Did you notice
that at least one part of a Gemini's body will always be in motion?
In addition, he or she is probably talking and chewing gum at the
same time.  Gemini's are mentally, physically and emotionally
 always in motion!

Your affirmation is

"Staying awake will not accomplish anything.
I will be happiest and most productive if I just give up
all worries and concerns.
I will let my angel Raphael carry my
 worries away and help me fall into the deepest,
most  natural sleep.  I will wake up feeling
completely  refreshed as well."