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Your Cancerian Angel,
Says You'll Stay Well
When You Don't Just Eat What's Yummy.

Gabriel, your Cancerian Angel, is one of the four archangels 
named in Hebrew tradition and is considered one of the two 
highest-ranking angels.  He acknowledges your great love for all 
things delicious  and salutes you for your gastronomic appreciation. 
The obvious admonishment, however, is that he wishes to have 
you become  extremely aware of your dietary habits and to have 
you use the greatest discretion and care if you are experiencing gastro distress.  He also addresses your strong stomach/mind connection 
and talks about how many of your tummy problems are purely stress-related.  Damaging acids are poured out into the stomach 
when we experience negative emotions and the stomach stays healthy 
and well with positive, uplifting thoughts.  Why should you allow any 
person or situation to cause your stomach to pour 
out damaging acids?

Many Cancerians experience feelings of unending uncertainty
or feelings of impending doom or failure.

Your affirmation is

"I have no reason to fear life, or to have feelings of
lack of control over my life.
I will no longer be afraid of life or anything.
I trust God and my angels."