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Your Leo Angel
Says You'll Stay Well
When You Let Your Stress Depart.

Michael, your Leo angel, ranks as the greatest angel in all three
of the major religions.  His name means "who is as God," and he
is the chief of archangels, and the conqueror of Satan.
He acknowledges your need for perfection and your 
uncompromising standards.
This is very commendable, of course, unless it takes a toll on your 
physical body.  If you are experiencing heart or circulation problems,
or possibly arteriosclerosis, you might want to ask yourself, if you 
have backed yourself into any kind of corner.
Are you feeling trapped?  Have any of your ideas or attitudes
become locked in or too unyielding? 
Is there inflexibility in your thinking?
Are you experiencing long-standing emotional problems?
Do you feel as if your life lacks joy and pleasure?
Are you experiencing too much rejection?
If so, there is a need for loosening or lightening up.


Your affirmation is

"I don't have time to spend my entire life doing things
for other people.
I can do what makes me happy as well.
  I will find great joy in my life every day."