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Your Virgo Angel,
Says You'll Stay Well
When You're Not Always The Giver.

Chamael, your Virgo angel, is known by angelologists to be one
of the seven archangels and a great protector of health.
He also protects human beings from violence and war.
He recognizes that certain Virgo sensitivities involve the lower
 intestines and the liver, for example, problems such as colitis.
Chamael says, 
"Ask yourself ... are you an unyielding perfectionist?
  Do you worry too much?
Are you frequently depressed?
"Do you feel oppressed and defeated?
Feel like you need a hug?
Need more affection?"

All of these feelings, when they are unrelieved year after year,
can contribute to colon and liver problems, if you allow them to.
A perfect affirmation for you involves faith and trust.

Your affirmation is

"I know that God and my angels will never let me down.
They will always be there for me."