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Angels and the Zodiac


In astrology the Sun is said to rule the sign Leo.   Leo is the sign of the king, the central personality of a country and the person responsible for overseeing the kingdom, coordinating its activities and administering justice.  This aptly describes Michael.  He also administers justice as the angel of the Last judgment, the "weigher of souls".  Raphael is known as the "healer of God".  These two combined worked well on Sunday, to heal all as a new week starts.


Gabriel, whose name means "God is my strength". also connected to the Moon. In astrology moon is associated with women and childbirth.  It also represents the principle of creativity in the sense of giving birth to ideas. Also he is the angel of humanity, the ideal diplomat.. bringing good news and joy.


Sammael: whose name means "angel of death".. day associated with Mars.  In astrology mars is associated with aggression, conflict and emotional passion, as well as with physical skills.  Sammael .. whose name is an amalgam of  sam, " poison" and el, "angel") is an angel of death, and a magician in rabbinic literature.  he is charged with being the one, who in the guide of a serpent, tempted Eve, seduced her, and became the father of Cain.  In Longfellows' "the Golden Legend, Judas Iscariot explains to the rabbi why the dogs howl at night: "In the rabbinical book it sayeth/the dogs howl when, with icy breath/ Great Sammael, the Angel of death/ takes through the town his flight".

Khamael: ( also spelled Camael) means "the one who sees God". He is said to be one who has been given the privilege of standing in the presence of God.  He has the divine duty of arbitrating between the prayers of man and God.  It is the believe that that he is the one who appeared to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane to impart strength to him.  He holds titles of Ruler of Tuesday, Prince of Seraphim, Ruler of Mars, Chief of Powers, the Angel of Relationships, and God of War (to the Druids).  In some writings he is named as one of the ten Holy Sefiroth (angels of the Khablah).


Raphael: the "Shining one who heals".. associated with Mercury. The traits associated with the planet mercury include travel and communication.  Once source states that Raphael is especially concerned with pilgrims.. not only travelers but those on pilgrimages to communicate with God.  Many times he is portrayed with the staff and sandals, a water gourd, and a wallet strapped over his shoulder.  There are also portrayals of him with the Universal sign for healing.


Sachiel:  whose name means " the covering of God".... associated with Jupiter.  he is the presiding spirit of the planet jupiter and an angel of the order of cherubim.  He is invoked from the south
( also the west )

Tzaphiel: means "God's Contemplation".  An angel who rules over the planet Saturn.  Saturn being the stern task master, Strong lessons to learn to carry forward.


Anael: chief of the order of principalities and one of the the servent angels of the Creation.  Astrological association.. venus, and as ruler of the planet o love he is concerned with human sexuality.  Has also been referred to as the angel of "the star of love".  In Longfellow's "The golden Legend", he is referred to as the angel of the
"the Star of Love."

Haniel: "glory of the grace of God" or "he who sees God".  chief of the order of principalities, virtues, and innocents, according to some sources.  Also the governor of the sign of Capricorn and of Venus.  He figures in the list of the 7 archangels and the 10 holy sefiroth.  In occult writings, Haniel is credited with the feat of transporting Enoch to Heaven.  Hanial has been compared to Chaldean Ishtar 
(who ruled venus) and is invoked as an amulet against evil.


Cassiel: One of the other angels connected to saturday is Cassiel who is one of the rulers of the planet Saturn.  He is known as the angel of solitudes and tears, perhaps reflecting a saturine temperament given to sullenness.  He is also sometimes called the angel of temperance and Saturn is strongly associated with the social order.   It is the embodiment of the principle of stability, the opposite of upheaval.

Also have Archangel Raphael and Michael connected to Saturday, as it is a strong day for closure.. even as the week closes.. and day for release before Sunday.. new beginning.

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