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Lady Bug

The article for this month is on Lady Bugs, also called the ladybird beetle.  It is always considered lucky to have on light on us and the killing of them was considered unlucky.  How many held them carefully in their hands as children and help them get back into flight?  Some traditions make wishes upon them, resting them upon the open palm.  When they flew off, the wish was released to be fulfilled.  Many believed that the lady bug would fly to one's true love.  The appearance of the ladybug heralds a time of luck and protection in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. 

Lady bugs are also used in the control of aphids.  They help pollination of flowers and plants.  A true friend to agriculturists and horticulturists.  The protection they offer can be a shielding from our own aggravations and pests.  To take heed to not let the little things take over the larger picture of our lives.

Lady bug's appearance signals new happiness, often with material gains.  A renewed sense of well being occurs, and higher goals and new heights can be more easily attained over the following months.  Worries will begin to dissipate.

Often the female ladybug has seven spots, regardless of whether male or female, the number of spots should be counted if possible since the spots often indicate the number of gifts and wishes that will be fulfilled in the future.  Whether a wish for love, job, or the fulfillment of  dream, the ladybug signals a time in which there be opportunity to pursue and capture them in our lives. 

A significant of the ladybug is the red and black coloring. Although there are other colored ladybugs. this appears to be the most prevalent.  This coloring serves as  a warning to predators.  If attacked, it squirts a chemical from its knees, which is distasteful to those that would try and eat them.  The characteristic might indicate that someone or something is preventing the fulfillment of a wish at this time.  We may need to give a strong, clear warning.

There are different kids of ladybugs, and one beats it wings faster than a humming bird.  The ladybug can indicate that we are trying to push too hard and to fast in fulfilling our wishes and dreams.  We still have to work for them, but we also must allow our efforts to unfold and manifest in the time that is best for us.  The lady bug can warn us not to push to hard that the wish will not be fulfilled at this particular time.

I do remember part of a rhyme that I used to sing as a child, although I do not remember the last part.. it starts off 
~ Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home.......
Ladybugs do hibernate in wintertime, but they may emerge on a warm winters day to show us the promise of things to come.


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